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Please note: Some of this will only work in specific versions. Please check that you are running that version (or a later one) before downloading. Where a version is not specified it should be suitable for any version but I recommend the original Trainz with SP3 installed as a sensible minimum.

Locos and Multiple Units.
  • 4-CIG in BR blue green
  • 4-CIG in BR blue livery
  • 4-CIG in BR blue/grey livery
  • 4-CIG in NSE livery (clean)
  • 4-CIG in NSE livery (dirty)
  • 4-CIG in Connex livery
  • Class 59 locomotives
  • Class 66 locomotives
  • Class 35 (Hymek) locomotives
Rolling stock.
  • JHA Hopper in Hanson livery
  • JHA Hopper in National Power livery
Standard gauge Rails and Track.
  • Lower Poly-Count 3rd rail track pack
  • 300m curved points
  • Double and Quadruple Finescale track
  • Double and single slips
  • Water trough
  • Finescale track without ballast
  • Finescale track without rails
  • track work pack
  • Detailed points and matching track
  • sectional track pieces (standard track)
  • standard gauge track to match 3rd rail tracks
  • Concrete Track (with third rail)
  • Concrete Track Pack
  • Rail only track (for use within roads)
  • Overgrown track (also without rails)
  • 3rd rail track pack
  • 3rd rail track pack (with wooden boards along the sides)
  • 3rd rail (USA)(with wooden boards along top and sides)
  • 3rd rail (USA)(with plastic boards along top and sides)
  • 3rd rail (USA)(with wooden boards on top only)
  • 3rd rail (USA)(with plastic boards on top only)
Narrow gauge Rails and Track.
  • Detailed crossings (2 foot gauge only)
  • Detailed points with animated blades (2 foot gauge only)
  • Dual-gauge track without ballast (5 gauges)
  • Narrow gauge track (no ballast)(5 gauges)
  • dual gauge track (5 gauges)
  • Narrow gauge track (rails only)(5 gauges)
  • Narrow gauge track (5 gauges)
  • Hump-backed Bridges (x10).
  • Skewed arch Bridges (x21).
  • Narrow Gauge Plate Girder Bridges (x4).
  • Viaducts with overgrown track on top (x3).
  • Four-track girder bridge and viaducts
  • Viaducts with Finescale track on top (x6).
  • Plate Girder Bridges (x4).
  • Forth Bridge.
  • Rail viaduct.
  • Road viaduct.
  • Alpine Viaducts (x2).
  • Bloukrans Bridge (road and rail).
  • Bricked-up viaducts.
  • Bricked-up viaducts for junctions.
  • Arched viaducts for junctions.
  • "spacer" to make wider viaducts.
  • Arched road bridge.
  • Arched rail bridge.
  • Modern concrete ravine bridge.
Roads and Signs.
  • Single lane roads pack
  • Miscellaneous roads pack
  • Boulevards pack
  • roadworks pack with cones and signs.
  • 4-lane roads pack with junction.
  • Dry stone wall spline.
  • Wooden Fences. (x2)
Gmax source files.
  • 10 degree turnouts
  • 5 degree turnouts
  • 20 degree turnouts
  • curved 300m turnouts
  • junctions
  • 2ft narrow gauge turnouts